Living Diabetic

  • Tropical Romeo – Yup, you guessed it. Hawaiian shirts, white shorts and a pair of these beauties is all you need to complete your beachside look. Add a pair of cool blue Ray Bans and you’re good to go!
  • Captain Sweetheart – You can complement the sock with dark colored trousers or shorts with pastel blue variation of shirts and polo shirts to go with it.
  • Master Illusionist – Earthy colors like bottle green, olive green, dark browns and such for trousers or shorts work pretty well with the blues on this sock. A simple white t-shirt is sure to complete the look.
  • Tetris Paradox – If you’re the type to love light colored trousers, then these beauties work perfectly for you. They even blend well on formal office looks.
  • Outback Sherif – Texan vibes with this one, and it goes well with black sneakers and shorts. So fire up that barbeque and call the neighbours over, it’s gonna get hot now.
  • Cubicle Cassanova – This one’s pretty much made for the classic office look with a dapper touch to it. Walk into glass buildings wearing shades of grey and looking classy af.

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