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Wanderlust seems to be a default for over 2,500,000 of you travellers daily. We realize the true spirit of freedom one experiences when hiking through a forest or backpacking across the country or cruising at 80mph on an open country road. Soc Nation celebrates this spirit of absolute Freedom.


Do you often end up not packing enough socks for your trip? Yeah, us too. We’ve been there and felt that utter sense of disappointment wearing old socks for the lack of fresh ones. Which is why we have a special travel pack just for you! Use the coupon code – WANDERLUST30 to get a bundle of 6 funky socks so you don’t run out of clean socks to wear on a trip. These socks are specially designed to require less number of washes so you can actually wear it more than once before you toss it in the washer.

Traveled Far

Traveled Far


  • Tropical Romeo – Yup, you guessed it. Hawaiian shirts, white shorts and a pair of these beauties is all you need to complete your beachside look. Add a pair of cool blue Ray Bans and you’re good to go!
  • Captain Sweetheart – You can complement the sock with dark colored trousers or shorts with pastel blue variation of shirts and polo shirts to go with it.
  • Master Illusionist – Earthy colors like bottle green, olive green, dark browns and such for trousers or shorts work pretty well with the blues on this sock. A simple white t-shirt is sure to complete the look.
  • Tetris Paradox – If you’re the type to love light colored trousers, then these beauties work perfectly for you. They even blend well on formal office looks.
  • Outback Sherif – If you’re gonna dress up to match your destination then this is the perfect addition to your desert safari outfit. Talk about picturesque.
  • Cubicle Cassanova – This one’s for the briefcase travellers. Walk into glass buildings wearing shades of grey and looking classy af.

Travel often and don’t have time to think of what to wear and how? Communicate with us and get exclusive discounts and styling tips based on your existing and aspired wardrobe.