The Veteran

Over 18,000,000 of you have stood tall and fought for the safety of your families and this proud nation, and we are nothing less than grateful for your selfless sacrifice. Your spirit of bravery is unparalleled as is your urge to protect. SocNation salutes and celebrates your spirit of Bravery.


Your invaluable service fills our heart with pride, and we realise how lucky we are to have had you protect our beautiful nation. At a time where comfort is most welcome, we’d like to provide you with some good quality socks. We’d like to give only the best to the best, hence a hand-picked bundle of the trendiest socks for a sober yet colourful look. Enter the coupon code – VETERANSPIRIT50 at the time of checkout to avail the discount.

Veteran Pride

Veteran Pride


  • Captain Sweetheart – Perfect for lounging by the porch or for a game of golf, you can complement the sock with dark colored trousers or shorts with pastel blue variation of shirts and polo shirts to go with it.
  • Funk Machine – We know you remember the best of the 80’s and would love to groove to some of those tunes. This sock has a pretty neutral color palette, but is meant for the light-footed soul.
  • Master Illusionist – The blues in this sock really grab attention, and you can either balance it out with light color trousers and simple pastel polo shirts or make a bold statement with earthy brown trousers and dark colored shirts to make the colors pop.

Feel free to communicate with us and get exclusive discounts and styling tips based on your existing wardrobe. We’d be more than glad to help.