The Diabetic

America is home to over 15,300,000 diabetic men and the number is a rising concern. Amidst the prevalent troubles of living a restrictive diabetic life, it is testament to your spirit of resilience in how you face each day with a happy heart and a bright smile. Soc Nation celebrates your spirit of Resilience.


Foot care is an absolute priority for most men facing diabetes and comfortable socks makes one helluva difference. A single pair won’t cut it for you and we know it, which is why we have a sizeable bundle for you. A comfort-centered set of 6 socks with the coolest designs ever. Use the coupon code – SETSTRONG30 during check-out and get your set now!

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Looking for a special kind of sock? Well, we have an intuitive range of copper-infused socks launching soon. Sign up with us and get exclusive discounts and first pick from limited edition bundles made specifically for you.