The Frat Boy

There are approximately 5,500 fraternity chapters in North-America and if you're reading thin then it means that you're either a part of one or you're planning to be. Your fraternity represents the spirit of brotherhood and a long-standing legacy. Soc Nation celebrates your spirit of Brotherhood.


We came up with a brilliant idea and we made a bundle out of it! Every fraternity enjoys wearing their symbol proudly to represent unity within the brotherhood. From hoodies to blazers and more, we know you’d love to simply represent. Which is why we have a special offer just for you! Use the coupon code – BROTHERHOOD30 to get a bundle of 6 dapper bowties, one for each of your closest brothers and represent.

The Frat Boy

The Frat Boy


  • Puppydog Lover – Goes well with pastel shade blazers and light color shirts. Red is an intense color and demands attention, sure to catch your lady’s eye.
  • Dorian White – Dark colors are sure to make this piece stand out. Essentially, black, wine to navy blue shirts would make the most impact. We’d also recommend white suspenders and white trousers with a black belt and black shoes.
  • Chaotic Good – This baby is pretty much wine colored. Light pastel shades for this one for sure, complemented with earthy colored trousers and brown shoes.

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