The Athlete

The thrill of an honest-to-god sport teaches you the true meaning of honor and sportsmanship spirit. 400,000 students graduate as athletes each year and that’s four hundred thousand honorable men living by the spirit of true sportsmanship. SocNation celebrates your spirit of Fairness as an example to all.


Our founders were once big time high-school jocks and they often complained having to wear sweaty socks after practice. Well, all of their complaining led to a solution and that solution is in the perfect sock bundle. Now you can carry a set of 3 socks at all times, one before practice, one after practice and one for emergencies! Use the coupon code – SPORTSMANSHIP30 during check-out to make sure you don’t run out of socks in your active lifestyle.

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Do you find yourself running out of socks fairly often? Communicate with us and get exclusive discounts and first pick from limited edition bundles made specifically for you.