About Us

What began as a heated discussion…

…Over drinks, is now a fully functioning, state-of-the-art sock and accessories production company. Soc Nation is the brainchild of 3 Tech guys from Silicon Valley who were bored of seeing the same shades of grey across the corporate spectrum. All three of them had a knack for dressing sharp and a flair for technological aesthetic. Where it feels like men don’t care about their fashion sense, the truth is far from it. Men love wearing a nice pair of shoes and what better to complement it with, but socks? However, our founders were from the tech background and they wanted to incorporate technology with fashion to create a functional piece of art.

They Have a Vision

Our three amigos decided to differentiate on 3 primary attributes of the regular sock: Design, Technology, and Fashion. Soc Nation incorporated these attributes through their slipstream, durable design fused with Nano-Copper Fiber-TechTM that not only cools the feet but also keeps them germ-free. And we gave it aesthetic flare. Soc Nation makes trendy, durable and functional socks for the modern man.

Their Mission

Soc Nation isn’t just limited to making comfortably trendy socks. We intend to benefit the society with our #SocNative Affiliate Program that enables our customers – you – to earn with every pair of sock sold. We donate $2 to US Navy Veterans for every pair we sell, this includes sales through Affiliates. Click below to know more!

Our Team