Socks that represent the Spirit of War Veterans

Half a century ago, their spirit was represented by the amount of blood they shed on the battlefield. Today with over 21.8 million army veterans, the spirit of a man is not getting any older. They were fierce then, they are hunk now. What has changed then? You may ask.

“They have grown in numbers, their guns & ammunitions have been replaced by socks”.

Now they approach their target with a tender charm driven by a comfortable pair of socks. The battlefield is now a hammock under the shade of palm tree where they reminisce about the past filled with heroic memories – The moments which reminds them of the glory days.

  1. The spirit of a Tropical Romeo who reminisces about the successful Operation Ajax in 1953.
  2. Setting the mood right and hitting the right vibes, this Chilled Out Cupid often thinks about overcoming the Lebanon crisis in 1958.
  3. Across the borders, beyond the sea, this Captain Sweetheart thinks about glory in the Korean DMZ Conflict.
  4. A Natural Player lying under the open sky, reliving the past memories of the Tobruk encounter in 1989.
  5. Unfazed by the herd of outspoken, this Tetris Paradox and his tacky demeanour helps him settle in and talk about his memories of the Gulf War in 1992.  

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