Different socks for every kind of person

True love is a pair of socks, you gotta have two & they’ve gotta match! Every person is different in his own way. They dress their own way which represents them. The true fashion of a man is often reflected through his socks.

Here are 5 types of socks fit for 5 different types of personality:-

  • Tropical Romeo

    The other side of the heaven. Why to carry pineapple when you can have it on your socks. You are where you are & let tropic run to you. https://socnation.com/products/tropical-romeo

  • Cubicle Casanova

    Cubicle means different, separate from the rest of the world. In this world of wrong being & right being be the different being, a different Casanova.


  • Disciplined Dreamer

    A dreamer is a confident person with such spirit that makes the sock believe in them. The moment you doubt whether you can fly, look down to your feet & you will find yourself lifting up after all the sweat, determination and hard work you have put in.


  • Natural Player

    The one who is always outdoor into the wild. The person whose color is green.   It’s a color of safety making you realize to play green around her! Go together somewhere you belong!

    https://socnatiNatural Playeron.com/products/natural-player

  • Funk Machine

    You got the funk in you need to show it. If the guy is funky, he's funkintacious. The funk in you is the style you wear.

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