Colourful socks you need to put your feet in

  • A foodie socks

    All worries are less with food. Show what you are all about. There is no sincere love than the love for food. A sock for a foodie oh wait or a foodie for a sock?

  • Bright Socks

    Bright is the color of sun, the color of new rise. These color recreates a theatre of dreams in mind. It shows color of dusk to dawn to make us hope for a new rise.

  • Crazy Socks for a crazy Guy

    Men who wear crazy, colorful socks are independent & interesting. People who wear crazy socks are telling the world that they refuse to conform to social trends. They are strong from inside is what matters.

  • A traveller’s travelling socks

    Leaving the trail & following own path is life all about. A sock is a traveller when it comes to existence as it always travels with you.

  • Classic Prints

    Classic is the new way .If you trying to do anything do it classic way. You being classic in those classic pairs.

  • Patterned Socks

    Pattern is all about the illusion & the bearer always the illusionist. It’s a unsolved puzzle of a illusionist life to get an idea what he is all thinking about.

  • Polka Dots are the Funkiest

    It’s all about the matter of dots. More dots are on desire.Lets start from the feet then towards up!

  • Halloween

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