Black and White socks are outdated. Here’s why.

The trend of single colored socks has been going on since a long time. In the early times socks were manufactured only in two colors i.e. black or white. As there were no colored socks available in those times, black and white socks gained the reputation of standard socks worldwide. Lately, single toned socks are being replaced by graphic or patterned socks and here is the reason why.

The need to revolutionize fashion has widened the scope for designers and creators. Trendy attire is being embraced by the entire world and no longer do people wear suits and formals to office or functions. From shirts to shoes and now socks, everything in today’s world can influence your style statement. Black, white, black and white socks, striped socks might look formal but they lack the spark of modern fashion.

Moreover, the innovation in socks design has reached to a point where socks define the personality of a person. Socks are now available in superhero themes, tropical designs, sports themes and pharmaceutical socks. There are also different materials are being used in making socks that range from cotton to polyester to nylon.

So, don’t lag behind with monotonous socks and an outdated trend. For a modernized look, wear socks like Chilled Out Cupid or Cubicle Casanova on formal attires. Captain Sweetheart, Scarred Outlaw and Tetris Paradox with a casual outfit.

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