6 David Beckham Style Secrets EVERY Guy Should TRY!

Beckham has been the poster boy of good-looking footballers for ages. He inspires some of the boldest of fashion looks in the world, especially when he looks like a Greek god. Add that to the fact that he is married to a complete fashion diva and you have your look for every season! Try some for yourself and maybe you’d get to score more than just goals?

  1. Throw out every style rule 
    You can go all black with a color-popping sneaker combo to break the monotony. You can try any color of your choice with any category of shoes to complete your black outfit. Keep in mind that whichever color you choose is the color that is going to stand out the most and that is what Beckham does when he goes for an all black outfit. 
  2. Jackets make all the difference 
    David Beckham is the king of layering his casual attires with amazing jackets. It doesn’t matter if it’s leather or fabric, a jacket just looks too damn cool. You can pair up your simple, light-colored shirts or even t-shirts with leather jackets or with a piko for a more classy look. Casual blazers work wonders when paired with washed out denim jeans and a bold belt buckle.
  3. A great watch 
    Watches are to men, what diamonds are to women. David knows this and it reflects in his huge collection of sleek, luxurious watches. Accessorize your look with some bling metal watches or go rugged with rough leather belted watches. The possibilities are endless. Just keep in mind that your watch matches your look.                                                         
  4. Flannels are flawless 
    David Beckham has mastered the art of casual partial tucks for flannels.  But flannels are seasonal and sloppy unless you know how to pair it up. You always, always wear it as a top layer to a light colored t-shirt inside. Go for dark colored flannels instead of the gaudy red cause not everyone can pull off that color!                                                     
  5. Boots are badass! 
    Nothing says rugged better than boots and Beckham pulls it off like a boss! Dark colored  fitted denim jeans or chinos tucked into the boots work well with light colored shirts and t-shirts.                     
  6. Have fun! 
    Most importantly, David Beckham carries himself like a boss. Confidant and classy comes from believing that you are in the first place. So have fun exploring different styles and carry the look like a boss!               

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