5 factors that help determine quality socks

Throughout the day, socks are stuck between sweaty feet and tight shoes. Continuously chafed, pulled as we walk and thrown into washing machine, the life of a sock is no easy feat. For that reason, the quality of socks are decisive in determining its life. Hot water, tumble dryer, ruthless run – None of it would make much difference if your socks are quality ones.

Here are five factors which help in determining the quality of the socks:

  • Origin: The quality of the socks is pretty much reliant upon the region they’re being manufactured in. Especially, the socks manufactured in the US, Japan and Germany are said to have the sturdiest build.
  • Material: Cotton, Polyester, Spandex, Elastic and Nylon are few crucial elements in a sock. The presence of each of this materials helps in determining the quality of a sock. For eg: Soc Nation’s Tropical Romeo socks features 80% cotton which makes is high-quality sock due to the cotton component.
  • Colour: As said earlier, cotton is a crucial component in a sock. However, cotton is beige in its original state and thus the socks have to be dyed. Black dye often has tendency to lose its colour and turn grey, thus you must ensure that high-quality colours are chosen which do not bleed overtime.
  • Certification: Socks interact with the skin and can absorb harmful chemical substances thus it is necessary that harmless dyes are used while colouring a sock. Check out for the certification of the sock to understand the quality.
  • Consistency: If it’s a quality product, it’ll prove so through performance. It’ll overcome the toughest of endeavours and will last longer than the usual socks. So much that you will want to opt for sockscription.

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