4 socks that you must challenge your athlete friend to wear on his jogs

A person who takes part in competitive track and field events. Imagine him wearing some weird stuff. He is never goanna do it himself so we should do the needful, we can challenge him for it. You are going to blow his socks off.

  • Tropical Romeo jogging after Laddies

    Imagine your friend wearing Tropical Romeo socks & going for a jog. The name itself says it all. Just hope he is not being hit by anti-road side Romeo squad.  Challenge your friend to wear this sock & take a selfie with a female runner.

  • Captain sweetheart saving goal of soccer match

    Your Friend may save goal for the team but by wearing these captain sweetheart socks he will be like captain America saving America! Sharing his look will be real fun.

  • Darkweb wanderer playing baseball while flaunting his socks

    Challenge your baseball playing friend to wear darkweb wanderer socks. Don’t know he will hit home run or not but surely girls gonna take him for a long run! 

  • Natural player in a tennis court

    It’s like a person strolling around in a park & tennis tournament started, making him play it with wearing those funky socks. You challenging him to play tennis wearing them ‘Go cheer your friend.’       

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John November 21, 2018

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